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UBS Accounting Software

Sage UBS Accounting Highlights

Provides you with the flexibility to handle all types of inventory transactions and have instant updates and inventory status at your finger tips, with an invoicing system that allows you to print invoices and delivery orders.

Wizard Setup for UBS Accounting

Wizard Setup

Quickly get users up and running with a guided step by step setup instruction built-in

Additional Dashboard Reports

Standard and Customizable reports to provide easy access to critical information for better collection, fund management and business decision making.

Transaction Wizards

Task Flows

Transaction Wizard for UBS Accounting Software
Payment Service for UBS Accounting Software

Payment Services

Serves to improve efficiency and security of transactions.

Excel Add-on

Provides user with the flexibility of generating their preferred analysis reports on debtors, creditors and ledger balances

Debtor Receipt & Creditor Payment

Excel Add On for UBS Accounting

Accounting Transactional Features

Speeds up all accounting features
Able to generate audit trail reports
Unrealised Gain/Loss computation
Monthly Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet report
Consolidated Account

Speeds up all accounting features
Handles multiple company transactions
Multiple currency function
Goods & Services (GST) computation function
Provides Different levels of data access security

Provides flexibility in modifying any transaction
Capable of handling 18 months of transaction
Able to record advance and post dated cheques
Able to insert previous months’omissions
Able to compute sales commission to agents

Accounting Reporting Features

General Reports

Print Delivery Order / Invoice / Case Sale
Print Sales Order / Purchase Order / Debit Note / Credit Note
Re-order / Stock Replenishment recommendation
Sotck Cards
Month to Date stock status reports
Stock Aging reports

Sales Analysis Report (Multi sorted)

Sales Personnel

Gross Profit Analysis Report

Customer / product / bill / agent / area
Yearly sales & purchase report
Top 25 product sales by quantity & sales value
Item graded reports
Serial number reports

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