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UBS BSM Software
Sage UBS BSM System


The essential property management tool, saves time, cost, labour and promote accuracy in a paperless office environment. Sage UBS Building Service & Maintenance (BSM) software is GST compliant.

Efficient Management

Provides a user friendly platform to manage building services efficiently with only 1 manpower required.

Financial Management

Debit and Credit Note management, vendor and owner payment recording as well as advanced deposits management.

Data Storage

A software platform to archive records such as owner, property details and collection amount.


Multiple reports available for tracking and collection purposes and retrieval of financial and ownership details.

Easy Invoicing

Automatically calculate total charges, late penalty charges, GST tax rate and issue invoice with a click of a mouse

Fully GST Compliant

Includes Malaysian GST Tax Codes with online update to keep abreast with changes, full tax invoice, inclusive or exclusive pricing method…

BSM GST Features

Support Malaysian GST Codes
Support of default Inclusive or Exclusive pricing method
Support for Full Tax Invoice
Support for Sage Smart GST. Map default tax code to Charges, Expenses and Late Charge.

Support for Online Update for continous updates with GST changes over time
Support Online License Activation
Support for posting to Sage UBS to complete the GAF and GST-03. Posting are by each invoice details and not a summary posting

BSM Reporting Features

General Reports

Invoice list
Payment list
Deposit payment list
Late charges list

Project Status
Property Listing
Property Transfer Listing
Property Owners Listing

Outstanding invoice and interest
Owner aging
Bad debt listing
Financial / Insurance / Solicitors details

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