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UBS POS Software
Sage UBS Point Of Sales Software

Sage UBS POS Highlights

A business management software that aims to lower operational cost and reduce risk for a more profitable and sustainable business with over 180,000 installations nationwide.

Comprehensive Billing

Complete information to the management detailing cashier counters, salespersons, product items and mode of payment


Able to re-print cash receipt, print bar-code labels and view reports. All essential information for retail owners .

Security Management

Minimizes physical risks in losing cash and ensure data security by allowing certain database to be viewed by selected individuals only.

Accurate Transactions

Capture each transaction accurately with information to compare actual cash amount from cash drawer

 Report Generation

Multi report, from cash receipts, sales, inventory, enquiries and detailed analysis, available at your request.

Trend Analysis

Provides customer trend analysis with stored historical data, providing insights into customer’s buying trends.

POS Transactional Features

Easy & intuitive point of sale screen
Percentage discount and fixed price discount
Multiple payment types
Split payments
Return & Exchange Handling
Customizable receipt header & footer
Barcode scanning

Prints on POS receipt & Standard printer
Easily searchable items by name or stock number
Product image and thumbnail
Unlimited tax types, and flexible tax handling
Single click today’s summary
Cash Register mode
Unlimited transactions (2G / file)

Unlimited Stores (Locations)
Unlimited users with roles-based support
Consolidation of store sales at head ofice
Track salesmen performance
Layaway feature (on hold)
Credit Card Payment integration (ECCT)
Table service (reservations)

POS Reporting Features

General Reports

Sales Orders
Cash Recording
Credit Cards
Foreign Currencies
Special Discounts
Product Sales
Service Items
Salesperson Sales
Promoter Sales
Free Items
Items List Enquiries
Item Labels Enquiries
Group & Category List Enquiries
Promotional & Service Items List Enquiries

Management Reports

Salesperson Performance
Member Analysis
Product Analysis
Payment Analysis
Time Analysis

Inventory Reports

Stock Balance
Inventory Physical Worksheet
Stock Received
Purchase Return
Stock Return
Stock Adjustment
Reorder Advice
Serial No Report
Item Grade Report

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The market leading POS software in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and other ASEAN countries. Over 500,000 users

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