Access UBS BSM Software

The essential property management tool, saves time, cost, labour and promote accuracy in a paperless office environment

UBS Building Service Management

Property Management Software built for Malaysia JMB, JMC, and MC.

Owner Profile

A software platform to archive records such as owner, property details, and collection amount.

Easy Invoicing

Auto calculate total, late charges, GST tax rate and issue invoice with a click of a mouse

Fully SST Compliant

Includes Updated SST Tax, full tax invoice, inclusive or exclusive pricing method


DN, CN, vendor, and owner payment recording, advanced deposits management.

Email Invoice

One-click Email Invoice Management Fee, Sinking Fund, Water Charges to owner and tenant

Trouble-free managing  Maintenance fee and Payment

Focus on what property management and committee requirement

> 30 years

For JMB, JMC, MC Billing & Payment


Proven by > 3,000 users


Recuring bill in a click

ubs inventory software nutshell
ubs inventory software what in

What’s in Access UBS BSM Software?

Fully integrated with UBS Accounting Software


  • Owner
  • Property
  • Tenant
  • Vendor


  • Maintenance Fee
  • Sinking Fund
  • Water
  • Rental


  • Official Receipt
  • Late Charges
  • Post to Accounting
ubs software features


  • Invoice list
  • Payment list
  • Deposit payment list
  • Late charges list
  • Project Status
  • Property Listing
  • Property Transfer Listing
  • Property Owners Listing
  • Outstanding invoice and interest
  • Owner aging
  • Bad debt listing
  • Financial / Insurance / Solicitors details

UBS BSM Preview

It’s time to start a new chapter with Sage UBS now. Sage UBS has worked tirelessly to create a newer and better Sage UBS with your feedback in mind.

Improved visibility and organization

Additions to the organization and improved visibility for customers to enjoy easier monitoring and more accurate reporting. 

Main Page

Dashboard with menu shortcut

Charges Maintenance

Daily Collection Report

Recurring Invoice